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One of the main objectives of Righting History is to provide a collaborative and inclusive platform for community members to choose to share their own stories that are under-, mis-, or not represented by current narratives of history or in mainstream media. We welcome stories from all communities residing in or previously residing in what is currently Canada wishing to share their story. Submissions may be in any form, including but not limited to typed documents, hand written pieces, drawings,  images/videos/photovoice, or audio recordings. These submissions require your contact information so the Righting History team can contact you to learn more about the stories you have to share and how you wish for them to be shared. We wish to build relationships with our community members that share their stories with us and seek opportunities to co-design the presentation of the material. We also are cognizant and actively working on seeking ways to compensate, where applicable and possible, whilst being transparent where our limitations lie as a youth-led mostly volunteer-based initiative with little-to-no funding. We will not share your materials without your express permission, and that is why although we wish we could honour anonymous contributions at this time, we feel it more ethical for us to discuss directly with you prior to us sharing.


There is a limit of 15MB to all files submitted through this portal. If you wish to submit a file that is larger, please use the “Contact Us” form to get in touch with a member of the Righting History team that will help with your submission.


Thank you for your help in the Righting History collaborative initiative!

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How will my submission be used?

Will I be compensated for my story?

Do I need to provide contact info?


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